Saturday, April 6, 2013

Deviant Dogs

Warning the following post is of a graphic and disturbing nature and not for the weak at heart.  Don't say I did not warn you it contains pictures that are both sexual and nude.

Last year when Cleo my chihuahua came on heat we had to keep her and Col our male chihuahua separated for a looooooooong 6 weeks.  This was very hard on them as they are each other's best friends and their hormones were rampant.

It seems that they have the whole idea about the birds and the bees totally wrong, so we had nothing to worry about.

Yip 69 morning, noon and night.

I had a very disturbing conversation with my sister:


Dogs reflect what their owners do.  I am a bit worried about you and Michael.



She was visiting me for a couple of days and  brought her dogs with.  I watched her dogs very carefully for any deviant behaviour but unfortunately they don't do anything in the least disturbing, but then I must add that both her dogs are elderly.  I started to wonder if I could get hold of doggy viagra to prove that my dogs are not the only beasts that are preoccupied with certain activities.


  1. Thanks Jayn, I was thinking maybe I should point out to Penny that she does not waddle around and look lost like Patch does.

  2. Ha ha, please understand we do not in any way copy the behaviour of our dogs though.