Monday, May 13, 2013

Sleep with one eye open

Michael and I are at war.

Michael started it this time. I left my work pc logged in on Facebook.

Michael saw this as an invitation and changed my status:

"There is no one better than Michael Halbhuber . I kiss the ground he walks on . He is the king"

What is worrying is that my friends actually liked my status before, Michael commented:

"Never leave your facebook logged in. he he he he"

Seriously friends do you think I am that sappy?

I changed my status to this:

"I am a victim of Facebook rape, Michael Halbhuber, you are lucky you did not leave your laptop at home."

Getting revenge was to easy, guess who left him self logged in on my work pc.

Michael's status now is;

"I don't know how one man could get so lucky, Vivian I love you sooooo much. I would do anything for you. This weekend I am going to wait on you hand and foot. I am going to give you back massages and make you breakfast in bed because you are so awesome."

To which he responded:

"Sleep with one eye open."

Made me think of the Metallica Song: Enter Sandman.

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  1. You do make me laugh... both of you. Sleep with one eye open... I love it!