Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yay my new baby

A few days ago I received something I have wanted for ages- a tablet!.


Except that I thought I did a post on blogger using my tablet but I see it is not here.

Lost somewhere in cyber space.

If anybody has been wondering where I have been, I am infatuated, continuously WOWED by all the exciting features and fun things my AMAZING tablet can do.

It is a Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 10.1.  It has a pen and it can:

  • Make my coffee,
  • Wash pots,
  • Cook dinner.

Alright, alright it can't do any of that I still need Michael.  Its a pity it can't do those things because Michael has been away working and I have had to do it all.

I have not been as excited about anything since Michael gave me my laptop for my birthday in 2010.

Poor Baby Blue (my laptop's name) being a tad neglected currently.

I have not named by tablet yet.

Still have to get to know him.


  1. Very cool. I have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and I love it too. it's a bit bigger than a regular phone but not as big as your tablet. Technology can be a blast. Congrats on your new acquisition!

  2. Congrats! So fun to get a new toy!!

  3. My middle daughter has the s3 shes says its fab

  4. I know it is especially when it's better than you expected

  5. Your new baby is definitely a beauty! No wonder you fell in love with it. I do remember the first time I had my tablet. Mine was Asus MeMo Pad. I was very excited to install some apps and use the camera. In no time, the device became my instant PC and I always bring it with me. Anyway, enjoy your new baby! :) (Dawson)