Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry merry and Happy happy

Our family is not into religion but we love Xmas.  To us it is a time when we celebrate our family and being together.

This year was extra special because for the first time in 5 years I had all my daughters home together.  Who knows when we will be together again.  Carmen is planning to go to Asia next year.  

Carmen and Raewyn stunned us all this year.  They are renowned for fighting with each other.  A week before Xmas Carmen flew to Durban to visit her Dad and then Raewyn drove Carmen and her boyfriend Dylan back to Johannesburg.  We thought there would be a massive fight in the car as it is a 6 hour trip. Dylan told me they were a little stressed when they reached Johannesburg but no fight.  For the entire visit I was waiting for the traditional Carmen and Raewyn blow out,  IT NEVER HAPPENED.  I had the most awesome frigging Xmas present.  PEACE AND LOVE!

Mila did a special dance for us:

The amount of gifts under the tree this year made us feel rather decadent and like spoiled brats:

I am very proud of how I decorated the table was not my usual slap dash style:

I have to share this pic because it is so funny, Jess bought a glasses drinking straw for Scrone Carmen's boyfriend.

Merry, merry and happy happy everyone!

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