Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Date Birthdays Are a Curse

It is Danielle my daughter-from-another-mother's 19th birthday today.
The Valentine's Birthday Girl

We had this conversation a few days ago:


"I bet you hate getting chocolate hearts, bears, mugs etc for your birthday."


"I totally hate it, Mom, how did you know?"


"Because my birthday is on April Fools day and so many jerks laugh their heads off when I tell them and say things like:

  • 'No, can't be, its too fitting'
  • 'No wonder you do so many ditsy things you are the fool all year round'
And then I get told things happened to my presents or I get trick presents because it is April Fools, so Yeah I get why kitschy plastic roses in heart shaped vases would piss you off."

Some other really shite birthdays are:

Christmas day, you only get one present a year.

New Years day, everybody is to hungover to party with you.

Leap year day the plus is you stay young but presents only every four years.  My Sister in law was married on 29 Feb.  She has been married for 20 plus years but tells people that she has been married for 5 years and she is not fibbing.

My niece's birthday, is the 6th of the 6th of the 6th.  I worry that some over zealous religious people are going to try and exorcise her when she is a teenager.  
At least at the moment she is still a sweetie pie

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  1. Oh my gosh, sadly I can imagine some over zealous religious person saying something ridiculous. Though looking at your sweetie pie I would hope even the zealots would hold their sharp tongues. Just look at her - she looks like an angel..