Monday, February 24, 2014


Michael and I have been watching "Lost".  In an episode somebody used literally incorrectly.


"People literally use literally all the time when they literally should not.  It literally should only be used literally in cases, like, 

"I literally fell off the wagon" - you know when you do fall off the wagon and not when you start drinking again."


"Like when you had sex and you say we were literally banging on the bed, oh no that is entirely wrong."


"It would work if you did not have sex and you were sitting on the bed banging drums."


"I could see "I literally have defined calves on my legs" working, but I would have to illustrate that one."


"I have no idea what you are talking about. I think you had to bring up calves because you are proud of your calves because of cycling."


"When I do the illustration you will understand."

Below are examples of when you can use literally (illustrated for ease of reference)

I literally have a bun in the oven:

I literally kicked the bucket:

I literally have a chip on my shoulder:

That literally is a piece of cake:

She was literally pulling his leg:

I literally have an axe to grind:

I literally hit the nail on the head:

I literally hit the sack:

Literally holding your horses:

I literally was dumped:

Anybody literally have any other good literally suggestions?


  1. Currently the most overused word.. and you have literally illustrated it beautifully and with aplomb. Thank you for that. I'm literally so tired of hearing people misuse it I can hardly keep my eyes open... zzzzz good night, Vivian and Michael. Cheers!