Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tinker and tailor and beggar man and thief.

I was telling Michael that Raewyn left her new job that she had been at for 2 weeks.  He sighed and rolled his eyes and said, "Like her Mother."

Michael has worked for the same employer since 1995.

I am sure you have all met somebody that has done absolutely everything.  No matter what you bring up this person has done it for 10 years and when you add it up the person should be 1000 years old and the person is not very knowledgeable regarding the work that they so called did for 10 years.

I might at times sound like one of those people because I have dabbled in so many things except medical -never medical - I dislike all things medical.  Although I did work briefly for a medical aid company. ( I was so amused I went to a fortune teller once and he told me that I was going to become a great healer)  Whaa haa haa.

I have never kept a job for longer than 3 years and I have been working since 1989.

So I am kind of a Jill of all trades and definitely master of none.

My weirdest job:

I think working on a game farm taking care of ostriches was my number one weirdest job.  My sister came to visit me and she nearly wet herself laughing when I came driving home on a tractor.  Carmen was a toddler and she told everybody that an ostrich kicked her.  She was never anywhere near the ostriches.  I should have had danger pay for that job, it was scary.  I walked in the camps looking for eggs carrying a broom.  When a male ostrich charges you, you drag its head down with the broom it can't kick with its head down.  If that fails you lie down flat on your stomach.  Ostriches do a lot less harm tramping on you than they do kicking you.  The thing with the kick is that they can slice you open.   I was not very successful at this job.  all my baby ostriches died and I was fired.
Red for danger may have come from ostriches, when you see red on a male ostriches legs stay far away.

My briefest job lasted 2 hours.  While I was working an agency phoned me and offered me a better job so I left.

I have worked as a pre-school, primary school and high school teacher.

Types of companies I have worked for:

Security Company
Game Farming
Camping store
Truck builders
Real Estate
Medical Aid
Satellite TV
Promotional Gifts 
CD replication
Furniture Retailer
Vehicle workshop
2nd Hand book shop

Job titles I have had:

Shipping clerk
Branding manager
Office manager
Data capturer
Call center agent
Correspondence Agent
Credit Controller
Free lance writer
Ostrich Care Taker
Emergency Control Room Operator
Owner second hand book shop and laundromat

What was your weirdest job?


  1. Oh my stars! You have been a busy girl!! I'm with Michael I'm afraid lol, set in my ways! Although we have a new Head in September, I cannot be certain of a safe position at School......

    Anyway here is the recipe you asked for.

    250g baby spinach
    200g cottage cheese
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh herb of your choice ( it suggests dill, I used tarragon )
    4 x 15g sheets Filo measuring 30 cm by 40cm
    1 tblespoon low fat spread melted
    Salt n pepper

    Pre heat oven to gas 6, 200C, fan 180C
    1. Boil spinach for 3 mins, drain, squeeze till dry and chop.
    2. Mix in a bowl with cheese and season to taste
    3. Lay one filo sheet out, dab with tip of pastry brush dipped in melted low fat spread. Dollop the

  2. Grrrr post froze
    2. After cheese n spinach mixed, divide into four portions.
    3. Cont... Dollop the cheese mix at one end of filo sheet and spread slightly at the edge. Dap the edges with fat and roll up. Repeat with other three.
    4. Place on baking tray lined with greasproof and bake 15-20 mins till crisp and golden. Delicious warm or cold x

    Bargain 135 calories in each one

  3. Thanks Rachel I am going to try this recipe soon looks delicious.

  4. Hey, I've always known we are kindred spirits, and this proves it. My mate has had the same job for 25 years. I've never held a job longer than 4 years. I didn't have any weird jobs. Most of them were secretarial in a wide variety of industries. My favorite job was working the phones at a Library for the blind talking about books all day, listening to their stories, and shipping the books (on tape). I loved that job. I learned a lot about human nature, and what it's like to be blind.