Friday, August 23, 2013

Our snow chicken is 21

You know those movies where everything goes wrong before a big event and then it all comes together miraculously at the end?

That is how it was with Raewyn's 21st dinner and birthday party.  My Mom fortunately kept popping rescue in everybody's mouths or we might not have made it.

Here's a bit of the presentation I made for her b-day:

On the 30th July 1992 Raewyn came into the world feet first. Almost a month before her due date and she was in such a hurry that I almost did not make it to the hospital on time.

All her baby clothes were in White River at her Granny’s house and Granny was in Namibia so her Ouma had to quickly buy baby clothes for her.

Carmen was delighted when she first met our Raewy, all she wanted to do was carry her little sister but she was only a year and 2 months old!

It's such a relief that Rae is not a junkie, Rae firmly believed that every pill was a sweetie.
When Rae was 2 and Carmen was 3, I read them a little book to teach them about keeping themselves safe from abuse.  The questions would normally be answered with a vehement “No” from both little girls.

Till I came to a question. If a stranger offers you sweets what do you say? Rae immediately replied, “YES PLEASE.”

Dinner party pics:

Birthday party pics:

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