Sunday, October 20, 2013

The devil does not wear Prada

The devil wears black fur.

Being somebody who does not believe in anything, I now believe in the devil.

His name is Gordo which is Spanish for fat.

He looks all innocent in the picture above.

BUT he is not

He is the most hyper active little creature in the world.

It took two months before he slept through.

We took turns sleeping with him and it reminded me of having a baby in the house.

He is Jess' baby and we love him to bits and pieces but boy is he exhausting.

He has grown a lot already:

When he sleeps he snores loudly

Here he is sleeping with Cleo and Col lets not discuss what Col is doing:

I think we should dress him up as Darth Vader for Halloween but Jess wants him to be dressed as a punk.

What do you think?


  1. Definitely Darth Vader! It's perfect for Gordo! (love all the pics!)

  2. He is so cute that I cannot stay cross with him. If he was human he would be Dennis the Menace.

  3. Ha ha wise choice Steph. Our cats are only annoying when it is meal time.

  4. Thanks Darcy I am so glad that you agree. Jess said we would decide according the the votes. You are the only one that has voted so I win.