Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dislike of the Oros Man

Many people think I am over-reacting that I am so upset about Trump being President of America.  
So why I am upset?  Here are a few of the many reasons:

1.            Women’s rights. 
Yes I know there are lovely laws and women have great rights in America and I know I don’t live in America but in South Africa where there are also great laws and great rights.
America is a country that has a great deal of influence they are in many ways the trend setters and this can be positive or negative.
If you delve into history you will see that women in the middle east had great rights back in the 60’s and 70’s in the late 70’s fundamentalism took a grip and women went from wearing bikinis to not even being allowed to drive themselves.  Scarey shit!
Now I am not saying that America is going to start doing away with women’s rights but subtle things are going to change.
When your country’s leader expresses that it is alright to say disgusting creepy things about women perceptions are going to change.   Young men are looking up to their president and are going back to the dark ages in thinking of women as objects and not fellow beings with the right to say no.

2.            Gay Rights
Trump and his administration are very openly anti-homosexual, especially the new vice-president Mike Pence who is a Christian fundamentalist, and the right for same sex couples to get married.  Many states in America still do not have same sex marriage legalised and Trump being in the top spot puts gay rights back.

3.            Education and Science
I have noted with disdain how all science and accumulated knowledge has been abandoned for the sake of matching to the bible.  Creationists are doing so much harm to science as we know it and to their children’s unquestioning brains.  Trump and especially his vice are spewing this absolute nonsense and ignoring actual fact and science.  I don’t think Trump actually believes it, he was not particularly religious until he started campaigning but he did use it to get voters and Mike Pence will push the stupid agenda further.

In general Trump has proven himself over and over again to be a man after his own agenda.  He is not a man to be admired.  He is crude and rude and coming from a country run by a very similar president I know that it is not good for the young people of any country to look up to person of such questionable calibre.

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