Thursday, June 14, 2012

Star Worship

I am not easily star struck.  When I was in high school my best friend Angela had pictures of her 3 idols all over and I mean all over her room.  Not a bit of the white paint stuck out.

I used to tease her about her “men” because in my opinion they were all pukey.  It was probably a good thing, we never competed for any guys because our tastes were so opposite.

Her idols were Sylvester Stallone, (ladies are you barthing now?)Bruce Fordyce and Cliff Richards. 

I am sure you all know who Sylvester is Rambo etc.

Bruce Fordyce is a tiny little marathon runner man who was very famous in the 80’s because he kept winning a very popular (80km) marathon called the Comrades which is run annually in South Africa, between the coastal city of Durban and the inland city Pietermaritzburg.  He is a very nice man but definitely not hunk material. 

Cliff Richards looks like one of those tv preachers to me.
Her third idol was a singer who sang in the same style of all those boy bands that came later and always seem to have “life” at the end of their name; like to wear pink and sing as if their balls are in a pincher.  I personally have always preferred rock music and I used to tell her that Cliff Richards was gay.  Turns out he is, he took a while to come out of the closet but I knew it all along.

A younger friend asked me how I never knew that Freddy Mercury was gay she says:

“Did the name ‘Queen’, not give you a hint?”

I explained to her that we were a lot more innocent back then and we were.  I mean I was not allowed to watch Dallas. I used to sneak into the tv room and hide behind some furniture to watch it.  My parents were so engrossed in it that they never noticed me there.  I saw a rerun of Dallas a few years ago and I thought, “WTF, there is nothing wild in this show?”  Dallas the wonderful show that everybody watched with abated breath in the 80’s is actually so boring and soapy like.  Younger people reading my blog, you have no idea how big the hype was.  When JR was shot people were wearing  t-shirts that said, “I shot JR”

I never even realised George Michael was gay and now when I see the music video “Wake me up before you go, go” now I think, holy cow my lumpy knitted jersey is straighter. 

I think I was about 13 when I saw “Return of the Jedi”, it started my love affair with sci fi and I could not decide whether who I adored more Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?  I also loved the Bond movies and I think my earlier best friend, Rachel and I watched Octopussy about four times.  We both thought Rodger Moore was the man, ha ha.

Saturday afternoons were allocated to kid’s movies.   Most Saturdays they would show those terrible Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies.  Husband is very upset with me because he says, “What was wrong with them they were great?” When they were on I would simply go back home.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s two of my close girl friends and my gay (then best friend) all were gaga about Vin Diesel.  I could not see it, to me the name “Diesel” is fitting because he looks like a mechanic to me.  A blogger, Bill who has a super awesome  blog wrote a post about how we all see people and ourselves differently. 

I have learned that beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but in the ear of the beholder.  When I hear this house and hip hop music, I want to bash my head against a wall to make the sound go away.
When I was a teenager my favourites were, “Who’s that girl” and “Here comes the rain again” by Eurythmics, “The final cut” album by Pink Floyd, The cure, The Doors, U2 and lots, lots more.

There are certain actors who do get my motor revving.

This is Michael and I’s song, it was our wedding song:


  1. I agree with you about hip hop. I don't care for it at all.

    I guess what they say is true: there's no accounting for taste. ;)


    really is interesting to compare the differences in how girls/women feel about
    male celebrities. Our tastes are all so different. What I find pretty funny is
    when I’ll mention someone from my teens, who was considered hot and hunky at
    the time, to a group of younger women now and just have them give me that
    clueless look before asking, “Who?” LOL That tells me I’ve just succeeded in
    aging myself. ;-)

  3. Yes Dana we all have such different taste.  I used to work for a satellite tv call centre and late at night when calls were not coming through we used have big arguments about which channel to have the closest tv on.

  4. My husband and I watch some old reruns of tv series like twilight zone and outer limits  when my daughter and I are alone at home, I am not allowed to put on any of the old shows because she thinks they are very boring.  

    My Mom in law used to think that Mick Jagger was hot and when I see him all I can see is that big wobbly mouth.  

  5. LOL,  I was listening to Wake me Up Before you Go Go the other day and thought how did we NOT know George Michael was gay?? My  fav men are Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Gosling =)