Monday, June 18, 2012

My phone and my soup.

Why is it not a Whiteberry?

Today Jess’ new Blackberry arrived.  It is an exciting day for me as well because I get her old one.  At least I hope I get her old one eventually.

At first Jess fiddled this and faddled that.  Then she would stop and ask me,
“What blah blah, thingy thingy?”

Then before I could try to answer.

“Sigh, never mind, you won’t understand.”

“You are treating me as if I am a dumb ass.”

“Ma when it comes to cell phones there is no polite way to put this YOU ARE!”

“So can I look at my phone now?”

“Wait I must just copy this and delete this and load this.......”


“You can have it now but it must charge the battery is nearly flat and when you have bought air time I will load other stuff for you.”

So I put my new phone on charge and I walked to the garage to buy airtime.

I came back and tried to load the airtime.  Every time I tried to press the * the freaking phone locked. 

“Jess the phone does not want to give me a star so I can load my airtime.”

“I am coming to help you.”

I pass my phone over to her.

Jess (her voice like a School Marm’s):
“Oh no I am not going to do it for you I am going to teach you.”

So she shows me how to get the * and load my airtime.

I wait patiently for my phone to charge.

2 hours later.

“Jess why are your friends whatsapping me?”  (Earlier I called it “whatsup” but I am one of the cool kids now so now I know it is “whatsap”)

“Oh I have to unload this one and load a new one you have mine.”

“What name do you want for wifi oh this is not working.”

“You are doing it wrong, we have to connect your Mom’s phone to the house wireless.”

Then Michael took my phone.

“Have you put your contacts on yet?”

“I don’t know how to do that.”  And I think, “and if I did how could I because I don’t get a chance to use it.”

2 hours later.

Michael speaking to Jess:

“I have connected it to the house wireless but now test your Mom’s whatsap.”

Now Jess has my phone again.
“One day over the Rainbow, blackberry is mine”, hum it to the tune “Somewhere over a rainbow”

I took a photo of my Blackberry and Michael says:
“Why are you taking a photo everybody knows what a blackberry looks like?”

“But this is mine.”

“So you have to have a real picture of your cell phone but for you soup you fake it.”

Let me explain.


Michael was astonished because I never cook but I won a recipe competition .

I used a picture off the internet for my recipe because I was not going to cook it for a photo.
Michael has entered his famous chicken soup this week.  I really hope he wins as well.  (There are four semi-finalists). 
Michael's chicken soup

In case he does not win he is setting the scene.  His photo is genuine he actually cooked his soup and took a photo.  Mine is a professionally taken photo and that must have swayed the chef that judges the recipes.


  1. Congrats on the soup win and the Blackberry acquisition!  My children's friends can't even be bothered to type "whatsup" or "whatsap" but have taken it down to "sup."  

  2. Oh dear so I am not a cool kid.  I would have thought it should be "sap".