Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fishing (Snort)

I like to have the television on in the background while I am working on my laptop.  There is a psychic on at the moment. 

She is taking calls and it is sooooo funny.

“Is there somebody that you know whose name begins with a “B” is this somebody you know?”

“Ummh no”

Crazy psychic woman:
“J” or “A” John, Julian, James, Anne, Agnes, Alice?

“Nooo we only uses traditional names in our home”

Crazy psychic woman:
“There is no connection here I am going to end the call”

Next caller:

“Anybody with a “C”?”


“You said you are having problems with your husband, is there abuse?”


“It does not have to be physical, does he verbally abuse you?”

Ha, ha what are the chances.

I think she must have been picking up on my energy, strange coincidence I know people whose names begin with “J,A,C and B”.

Next Caller:

Here are her fantastic insightful suggestions:

“I see a small child” What are the chances of a small child being in a family.

“I see an elderly chief shaking something in his hands” What are the chances of an African person having a chief in their family.

“I see a car accident” She must have seen our road accident stats.

“Do you have something in your house of your mother's?” What are the chances?

She is bringing up burglaries, hold ups and shot people.  She is speaking to South African’s we all know people who have been held up, burgled and shot.  Wow she is definitely gifted.

 I want to save up and send her a fishing rod.


  1. Oh yes, those psychics are masters at fishing! Interestingly enough, many believe they're legit. I'm not saying I don't believe in the paranormal--but those fishing TV psychics? Not so much. LOL

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Vivian! :D

  2. Oh you don't think she was legit, I thought she was so on the ball ;- )

  3. We'll if I called her and she said "I see a Sally Williams on your horizon on Friday" she'll be spot on :-)

  4. I see Sally Williams on your horizon Maryke, I will send you an email with my bank detail for the psychic reading. xxxx