Thursday, October 4, 2012

Replace the cataract machine President Zuma and you can fund your house revamp

Housing for most people in South Africa
President Zuma's House

Yesterday a doctor called in to 702 talk radio,  the hospital where he works has been without a cataract machine for two years, replacement cost is roughly R 200 000.  For two years funding for a replacement machine has been declined.  He expressed his sadness that millions can be spent on revamping our President's private home with its own private clinic and bunker but that two hundred thousand cannot be spared for the people of this country.

I was thinking of the implications of not having this machine.

Lets say 5 people a day can get their cataracts removed.

Lets say the machine operates 250 days out of a year.

In two years that is 500 days.  500 x 5 = 2 500.

Now there are 2500 people walking around that are unecessarily blind.

The current disability grant is R 1 250.

2500 x 1250 = R 3 125 000

That is over a period of 2 years so:

R3 125 000 x 24 = R 75 000 000.00

Kindly note my figures are pure speculation.

President Zuma's eyes
Person with cataracts


  1. Self enrichment, that's all he is interested in. Lets hope that they vote him out in December, before his building operation can commence!!

  2. The sad thing is that getting this machine makes more fiscal sense than doing without it.