Monday, September 29, 2014

I am fat today

I have those days when I first look in the mirror and the reflection I see is the fattest woman in the world.

I mountain bike cycle now, have been for a year, I am losing weight steadily, yes I was morbidly obese, but now I am almost not obese anymore.

Last week Michael and I took part in our first race.

He took this picture of me.

I looked at the photo:

That is a very flattering photo of me.


That is what you look like now.


If this is true, I am not so fat anymore.

This is me a year ago:

And about 2 years ago in shorts:

I know I have come a long way but that beast will always be inside me.  The one that looks in the mirror and sees a monster.  

I don't blame media, skinny photoshopped models or anything else.  This is internal this is my own inner demon.  

When I look in the mirror tomorrow hopefully I will see perspective again and be able to say:

Hey I look good today.

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  1. You look amazing x well done! Of course I remember you!! I miss you!