Thursday, January 26, 2012

Terrible Zings

I have dear friends that I met online.  My daughters used to call them my imaginary friends.  That has all changed as they have met some of them and the others I have photographic evidence of meeting.

Last year Mila my soon to be six year old niece went to watch “The Smurfs”.
Carmen asked her if she enjoyed the movie.
Mila replaces her “th” sound with a “z” so she sounds as if she has a German accent half the time.  As she goes to school with predominantly Indian children she has an Indian accent the other half of the time.  Interesting combination German-Indian.
Any way Mila replied:
“It was a good movie, except at ze end.”
Carmen asked:
“What happened at the end?” 
Mila replied, her eyes very big:
“Terrible zings, Terrible zings”

Anyway the house is full of terrible zings to me.
My friends and I have banned any mention of those terrible zings they are really worse than any swear word.
This is our list of the most awful swear words in the world:
·         Ironing,
·         Cleaning,
·         Dish washing,
·         Laundry,
·         Scrubbing,
·         Polishing,
·         Vacuuming,
·         Mopping.
When we absolutely have to we speak about flattening fabric items with hot hard steel items etc. 
Once a week, on a Saturday, one of my favourite people in the world comes to work for me.  Her name is Beauty and in one day she manages to transform my domestic chaos into something liveable.  (Beauty really beautifies my home.)
Last week she was off sick for the first time ever.  I spent my Saturday doing all those terrible zings and was very grateful that I don’t clean other people’s homes for a living.  Thank goodness tonight will be my last time for hopefully a very long time that I will have to flatten fabric items.  I did terrible zings this week, terrible.

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