Saturday, March 17, 2012

Its changing and I still don't understand the last laws

A barman says we don’t serve Neutrinos in this bar, then the Neutrino walks in.

Are you saying 


I had a double:
" Huh huh.?"

This is the latest Geek joke.

As I have told before the husband in all his awesomeness is getting all compulsive about weird science things to channel his non smoking anxiety.

I have now endured three weeks of Michael without cigs.  I have been strong, please applaud.  I still have not bought him cigarettes.

I dreamed last night he was smoking and I was freaking furious.

I shouted at him in my dream, “ I have had to endure all your moods and weird science for weeks now”

Because it was a dream,

Michael (suddenly with dreads)  took a drag of what had now become a joint and said:
“Chill dude”

Any way now that we have had our “No woman, no cry” moment back to the Neutrinos.

The big brains at Cern just want to double check their calculations.

If they are right these objects do move faster than light, which means theoretically time travel is possible.

The big balls up is text books.

If this is true the laws of physics are totally screwed.

All those text books have to be reprinted.

This is worse than when Pluto was dismissed.

If any physicists or scientist ever read my blog, I live in Russia.

PS part of the experiment is these particles TRAVEL THROUGH THE CRUST OF OUR PLANET.


  1. The latest theory is that the laws of physics were screwed up by a bad GPS connection (, which makes perfect sense if it's anything like the GPS in my car.

  2. Totally the places that my GPS has sent me too.......

  3. Oh Man!  I quit smoking and it was So Hard!  I can never ever even have one drag ever again--I couldn't quit twice!

  4. I also used to smoke, 7 years ago.  I completely agree with you if I had had one cigarette in the mean time I would have had to start all over again.  Michael has been very good (except for in my dreams), he says he does not want to go through this all over again.