Friday, March 9, 2012

Who are you?

Today I saw a name on the friend suggestion list on Facebook.  I instantly had a picture in my mind of a girl in high school.  I thought to myself, "We were not really friends but I remember her being a very pleasant person, so I am going to invite her."

When I went to “her” profile, she was a “him”.  No sex change was involved; this person was always a “him”.  I just linked up the wrong name with the wrong person.  I think I remember him.

At times when I get invites from old school friends I get really nervous.  Were we friends or were we acquaintances?  I finished High School at the end of the 80’s.  I basically missed the 90’s the decade was swallowed up into a big black hole (loooong story) and no, I was not taking drugs.   The ten years of trauma and drama mean I have lots of holes in my memory.   

Usually I remember the people but there have been people that told me we were friends that I still cannot place.

I am sure this has happened to you.
You go to the mall.
Somebody comes up to you very excited.

“Vivian, how are you it has been ages, it is so good to see you.”

Me (thinking please memory do something,  who is this?):
“Yes great to see you too”

“How are your daughters?”

Me (thinking shit this person knows my children, does this person have children as well?):
“The girls are great.”

“I have to run, it was so good to see you, say hi, to the girls and to Michael.”

Me (Oh thank the holy pink elephants,  I don’t have to stand here any longer trying to figure out who you are):
“Good bye”

A friend of mine told me that what he would do is take out his cell phone and say,
“Let me add you to my contacts, how do I spell your name?”
He fucked up badly with this because one day a person he met replied in a very cross voice:
“Its Tim, T... I .... M...., you don’t remember me, do you?”

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