Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Puppy Tantrum

Carmen, Raewyn and Jessica, you are not allowed to read this post I can’t afford the therapy!

For about half a year now Michael sleeps in a separate bed and we tried many things but ultimately this turned out to be the only way that we both get sleep.

Of course when he comes to my bedroom for a “back rub” wink, wink, nudge, nudge, it adds to the fun. 
Cleo our Chihuahua puppy sleeps with me.   We usually have “back rubs” earlier but last night we did it at bed time.  Every night bed time Cleo runs to my bedroom and waits to be picked up onto my bed.  Last night she ran to the bedroom but she was not picked up.

So she tried scratching and scratching on the side of the bed.

Focusing on the back rub was not going well.

Then Cleo started whining and whining while scratching.

Then she tried running around the bed scratching and whining on all sides.  

Perhaps if I could not hear her Michael would hear.

I was tempted to stop and take her to the lounge because her whining and crying was really spoiling the mood.

It was cold and I was lazy so I decided to zone her out. 

Cleo could not understand why she was not being picked up to bed and after crying and whining she started throwing a tantrum.  It was the funniest thing she grabbed something out of the dustbin and started tearing it apart while crying hysterically. 

The “back rubbing” was not happening because Michael and I were laughing too much.


  1. OMG I died laughing at this! TOO FUNNY! 

    MOOOOMMMMMYYYYYY Why are you not paying attention to me? Why is that BOY in here! Don't you love me? Don't you NEED me? 

    All this is running through my head of the panicked little puppy and her demands of attention! 

  2. You describe her behaviour so well ha ha.   

  3. Ha ha, I really enjoyed that Viv!

  4. You totally cracked me up this morning!!! LOVED it!