Thursday, May 3, 2012

When the name sticks

Many years ago a girl friend and I went out to a pub.  I guy introduced himself to us:
“Hi, I am Marco and this is my cousin Marco.”

If you are as long in the tooth as I am you might remember the Bob Newhart Show.  Of course we could not resist, from that moment on they were “Darryl and Darryl”.

Marco and Marco became friends of ours.  Marco’s cousin went back to Italy but we continued to call him Darryl and he could never understand why we insisted on calling him Darryl.

When Michael and I were first together we moved into a commune in a dump of a house.  Things were falling apart around us.  We of course till today refer to it as “fight club house.”  The main tenant at fight club house lay on the couch all day watching TV.  We of course called him “Larry” I can’t remember his real name.  You also have to be long in the tooth to understand.  Remember the computer game “Larry the lounge lizard”?  

When Larry was not lying on the couch he was working at a pub.  Next door to the pub was a little club where we used to go and dance, this pub had a one man band. Every Friday night a very cute boy performed much to the enjoyment of most of the ladies.  

That place has closed down long ago.  When Michael and I went out a month ago for my birthday a very similar cute boy was singing at the pub (actually looked exactly like him as if he had been frozen in time) 
Michael nudged me and whispered:
“Do you think that, that is the same kid that used to sing next to Fight Club house’s Larry’s pub?”

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  1. Love this! I was just thinking about that show last night. :)