Monday, June 4, 2012

Bring them home

Debbie and Bruno were taken hostage two years ago.  Their friends and family are trying their best to  raise the ransom money.  They have missed the births of two of their grandchildren and I cannot begin to imagine the strain that their siblings and children are under.  They have been for so long fighting valiantly for their release.  If you can please donate or draw attention to their plight. 


  1. This sounds absolutely horrible. Living in The States all my life -- I have never know this threat. Will pray for your friends. 

  2. Thank you Jamie I would appreciate it if you share their plight we are trying to make  people aware.  It has happened to sailors from the States but your government is more supportive of its citizens than ours.  Very dangerous to sail along the west coast of Africa and the northern east coast.  We don't have the problem around the South African Coast.