Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Internet Funnies

My niece Mila laughing at all the funny internet stuff.

I kid you not this was an add on Gumtree: (SA/UK site like Craigslist)

Ripest to tipe notes for a book

Good day. I need a part time tipest to help me complete my book she needs to tipe as I read notes I made to her. My office is in Noordheuwel Krugersdorp. Basic easy word tipping . We will work a few hours a day at my premises . I need a lady as its a women's book. Students or school leavers welcome. If all goes well I will even employ you after the tipping to do Internet marketing. Please apply to email address only and send me your selphone number. Mrs Heunes

I put this on facebook and my friends made funny comments.

  • oh a RIPEST...... makes a huge difference..... snort! maybe she really does want her book riped. 
  • I know what a rippest is. First you rip the whole story apart like an editor and then you type it. Combined it makes rippest. Me thinks she didn't want to spend time on typing a lot of words and decided to combine a few ... happy ripping! 

Then I spotted this gem on Acer’s facebook page advertising a new laptop:

“The Aspire Ethos Series is designed for users who want the ultimate technologies in the most sophisticated package.”

As if the internet was not being funny enough, I found this on Facebook. Bid or Buy (SA’s version of Ebay) was advertising a sushi roller that somebody was selling on Bid or Buy. I kid you not TWO people asked, “Where can I buy it?”

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