Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Funny times

I have been soo busy with so many things lately.

I want to update everybody with some of the funny things that happened.

Firstly I took this photo of Michael playing rugby, he told me I am not allowed to put it on Facebook but he did not mention my blog.  At least he is on the giving and not the receiving side!

Michael and I went orienteering and both got horribly lost.  None of those blooming flags appeared.  This is all that I saw for kilometres and kilometres and kilometres : 

While Raewyn was here this weekend she randomly decided to attack Jessica for being taller than her big sister.

Cleo is on heat so the pups have to be kept apart for 3 weeks.  We had them on leashes lying in their outside basket close enough to chat but not close enough for hanky panky.

Raewyn was narrating for them:

Col: I love you but I cant be with you.

Cleo: yes I know baby I feel so restrained.

She carried on in this vein for a while and had us all in hysterics.

Michael says parents should do the same with horny teenagers.

Michaela, Jess' friend hates being in photos, so all you get is hair:

As a result she was attacked and forced to pose:

Poor Michaela, Jess is also pimping her out.  She has promised anybody that gives her a lift to Woodstock will get a date with Michaela.

We bought Raewyn a laptop, she asked, "Is it a real laptop?"  When she opened the box.  Ha ha can you imagine if we gave her a fake one how cruel would that be?  The laptop is very skinny so I want her to call it Carmen but she says that is strange.

Finally cute newborn kitten pic for no reason except it is cute:

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