Monday, October 22, 2012

Romeo and Juliet Pups

The past few weeks have been crazy busy.  We went to Cape Town for a mini holiday.  I won a trip with a soup competition.  You can see all about that fun trip here.   I neglected to post about the trials my pups went through.

Four weeks ago Cleo came on heat.  My Mom suggested dolly nappies but the vet assured me that this would not be a safe way to keep mating from happening.  There was nothing to it.  Cleo and Col had to be kept apart for the 3 weeks.

During the first weekend of Cleo's heat we had both puppies on leashes in a basket next to each other.  Raewyn decided to narrate for them:

Col: I love you but I cant be with you.

Cleo: Yes, I know baby I feel so restrained.

To be fair we would rotate who would be in the lounge with us while the other one would try his/her best to join the family.  Then at the height of her heat the need was not so much for company but hormone driven.  Cleo and Col both took their frustrations out on the cats.  We even witnessed a very strange cross species lesbian encounter when Cleo mounted our female cat.

Cleo discovered that she could reach the hatch and peered over it longingly calling:

"Col, Col, wherefore art thou Col?"

Col howled mournfully back.

The day we left for Cape Town the puppies were reunited as the three weeks were over.  There was a great deal of tail wagging and kissing going on.

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