Friday, January 25, 2013

Killer Burger

We have not been cooking much lately.

Its been really hot and we have been really lazy.

Fortunately salads are easy to slap together.

In the light of our lack of interest in effort we decided on chicken burgers the other evening.


"Mmm these would be good with mushrooms, SIGH, but Jess is allergic to them. (Years ago we thought that Jess was being fussy we chopped mushrooms fine and fed them to her in a meal and then a second to be sure, both times she was horribly ill.  She thinks we are a bit psychotic for doing this.)

These would be great with pineapple slices, SIGH, but Danielle is allergic to them.
I could kill off the kids with a burger, you are safe though."

Michael, not thinking:

"If you put atchar on you could kill me (atchar is pickeled mango and Michael is allergic to mango) as well."


"Mmm I could kill you all off with one burger."

Wahaa ha ha haaa and I have no allergies.  Watch your backs family one day I might make a killer burger.


  1. Hilarious - I love your sense of humor. Sounds like the title of a good story or movie - How to Kill Your Family with a Burger. I've heard of mango allergies but not mushroom or pineapple. I guess really you can be allergic to anything. I'm lucky, like you, I have no allergies - that I know of. That mango atchar looks so interesting. We don't have anything like that here. Also I forget until I visit here that we are opposite. When you said it's hot I sit here bundled up in a fleece jacket.

  2. Mango Atchar is an Indian thing we love it in SA, interesting fact we have the largest Indian community living in SA outside of India. When I am suffering in July with the cold I envy you again.