Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The surname thing

I have had lots of surnames.  The one I had at birth.  When my Mom remarried, my Dad adopted me and I had his surname, Pitschlitz.  I have always enjoyed Pitschlitz because people struggle to spell it and say it and I get letters like dear Mrs Titschlitz.

When Michael and I were married I decided I had, had enough surnames already.  I was married twice before and had been using my maiden surname for years.

The main reason for keeping my surname was that I was too lazy to change bank detail, driver's licence and identity document.  I was tempted to go double barrel as Michael's surname is Halbhuber, I really thought that Halbhuber-Pitschlitz would be a lovely tongue twister.   At the time I was working for a call centre and I had a lot of fun with irate clients.

Angry client:



"Vivian Halbhuber-Pitschlitz"

Defeated client:

"Ok never mind."

There are annoying parts to using my maiden surname.  I keep trying to explain to people that I am Ms and not Mrs.

Sometimes in exasperation I say:

 "MSSSSS Pitschlitz not Mrrrrssss it is my maiden surname, I am not married to my father that is sick."

More than once despite the fact that I always explain that I use my maiden surname, Michael has been called Mr Pitschlitz.

When we go on holiday and check into a hotel with our different surnames we get the knowing look, and I think they are thinking:

"Married, YEAH right."


  1. Tongue twister indeed! But a good one. When I got married I changed my name. And then I changed it back when I got divorced. Like you I would not change it again. I'm not married but live with my mate. The funny thing is everyone thinks we are married even with our different names. A reflection of the liberal area I live in maybe. I can't imagine listening to those disgruntled clients on the phone. You're a stronger woman than I am Viv.

  2. I hated working in the call centre. I hope I never have to work in one ever again.