Saturday, July 6, 2013

We collect children

Let me give some background regarding my at most times (in my sister's opinion) saintly husband.

Michael was a bachelor - no children, no pets and only responsible to himself.

Then 10 years ago, he met a wonderful, kind, beautiful, intelligent women (that is me if you were wondering) and overnight he went to having 3 children, many different pets and other add on children.

I collect children by accident.  Besides for our own we have had many other children live with us for various reasons.

We would allow all the friends to come over on weekends.  When it came to supper time we had to do a head count.  It was not unusual to count 12 - 15 children in the house.

In addition to all the children, my Mother-in-law lived with us for 3 years.
Michael was piggy in the middle while Angie my Mom-in-law and I bickered constantly.  After she moved out we made peace.  We loved each other but two woman in one house never works.  She passed away two years ago and I miss her wicked sense of humour so much.

Michael loves being the good guy/hero when he had to shout at the girls for the first time he was upset for two days.

Currently besides for our own daugther, we have two of Jessica's friends living with us, our middle daughter's best friend Danielle also lives with us.

Michael sighs a great deal and says:

"We were so close to peaceful living and then Vivian found more children".

I know that he loves the fact that the girls say things like,

"Please ask Michael to make his lasagne for supper" or when I am cooking, "Why is Michael not cooking?"

There is something that I realised recently, we may never own our own house but we have always had a home.  No matter where we have lived there is always plenty of laughter and fighting.  We make any house a home.


  1. it's taken me a week to get here, but I made it and I'm glad I did. What a great story of the life and laughter in your house, Vivian, whether you own it or not, it doesn't matter. I don't own mine either so I can certainly relate to that desire. But as long as we have good times and are surrounded by those we love, we are doing ok!

  2. Yip I agree completely. :-) Perhaps one day we will both get a home of our own. Hurry up and write that best seller Steph.