Friday, September 6, 2013

Tanks Tanks

Raewyn my middly, always says "tanks, tanks" instead of thanks.

Anyway I have some people and things I want to say "tanks"to:

I know its already been around for a while, but a big  TANKS to gmail for dividing email up into Primary, Social and Promotions.   Ok, Google the Social emails are your fault but at least I can delete them with two clicks now and not worry about deleting important emails.

Another Tanks to Auckland law students who are bloody amazing young women.  They made a video parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"  I am so amused that his name is "Thicke" he is bloody thick. Click here AWESOME WOMEN.  Any way if I was a hit woman, Robin Thicke would not be alive and that is how I feel about the fucking prick.

Our cars are old and rather beat up, I always said:

"At least they are paid for and they get us from A to B"


I always drive our white polo because it has power steering and the window winder works.  Last week the power steering went and the car started overheating.  Building up Amazonian arm muscles and trying to negotiate the car into stupid parkings I no longer felt in the least bit happy that the car was paid for.  I was even more miserable thinking we had spent our entire December bonus on fixing up the fucking tin can.



My awesomest Michael suddenly realised that there is a fan belt that links to the water cooling and to the power steering.  He checked and that fan belt had snapped right off.  He went and bought the part and it took all of 30 minutes and it was fixed and I like my scruffy car again.


Tanks to Samsung for making my Note, it even makes fantastic coffee.  Welllll not really but Michael makes me fantastic coffee to try and separate me from my tablet.

ESKOM (South African Power supplier) employees are on strike and they sabotaged certain areas meaning lots of areas have no power and will be without power for days and days.

WE HAVE POWER - for now...

Tanks for not sabotaging our area - lets keep it that way.


Seriously you guys should be sent to criminal court do you understand how people who rely on life support machinery, had their families going to desperate measures with the sudden power cuts.  This being at the beginning of the month many people have freezers full of meat.  Not many people can afford to lose their entire month's groceries.  All this because you were being idle in normal working time and then doing your work out of normal working hours to claim over time. Now that ESKOM wants to do something about that you go and sabotage power. You should be fucking ashamed.

Our Jessie has a pug now, Gordo which means fat in Spanish.  He won dog of the day

Tanks tanks

He looks so innocent in this photo, he is a hyperactive raving lunatic.

Carmen my eldest daughter is known for her expensive tastes.  There is a cheap chocolate bar type thing called a chomp and they are not very nice.  My Mom once bought a chomp for Carmen when she was a toddler.

She took the chomp and handed it back to my Mom and said,

"Thank you Granny, but no thank you."

Let me bring up some no thank yous.

My first  NO THANK YOU goes to Metro Bus Johannesburg.

They have huge advert signs painted on their buses saying, "Real men don't rape" but then aboard their buses, which transport many impressionable school children, they actually play the "Blurred lines" music video.

Way not to fucking go Metro Bus Jozi.

No tanks to my body not behaving myself, I have had:

My back out - 1 weeks bed rest
Kick ass flu- 1 week out of function
Stomach bug - 1 week out of function.

That's bloody enough now tanks, tanks.

No tanks to my blackberry because I made heaps of funny notes on it for my blog while semi-dieing and those bloody notes are gone.


  1. I miss you!! Had a great read and nice giggles. Have a farking great weekend xxx

  2. I miss you to. Now that the 21st is over I must try to visit

  3. I want to say Tanks for this blog post. It made me laugh. I had already seen the New Zealand ladies and their video which I love. So kudos to you for putting it out there for anyone who might have missed it. I'm very glad your awesome Michael fixed the car. Kudos to him. Tanks, Vivian for being you! I've missed you. I need to catch up.

  4. Steph I am also so behind with everything. Tanks for taking the time to read my blog.