Thursday, October 24, 2013

Counting chickens before they hatch.

This month we are rather completely broke.

Last night Michael did our taxes.



A massive refund was owing to us!

We were both thrilled  and we discussed the bills we would pay as well as the fun things we would buy.

Alright to be honest, we discussed the fun things we would buy and brought up the bills towards the end. - very much an after thought.

We started cycling a few weeks ago, so we were going to buy all kinds of accessories for our bicycles.

Michael got a cycling helmet for his birthday and he is very self-conscious of the fact that I am cycling without one.

He thinks everybody we pass is saying:

"Look at that prick he has a helmet but he does not get his wife one." - I reassure him that that is not what is happening, but I know I would think that.  He cycles like a maniac, while I am very cautious, so I am glad that he has a helmet.

We were going to get me one at the end of the month, but now we could get me a helmet sooner.

Michael: "Yay, we can buy you a helmet and I will stop looking like a selfish prick."

Me:  "Yay, but I'm sure that is not what people think."  (fingers crossed behind back).

I went to bed happy thinking about how many things this "windfall" would help with.

This morning Michael came to me:

"Uhmm, I made a mistake in the calculation, there is no large refund due, but the good news is we don't owe SARS anything."




  1. Oh man...bummer...but at least you don't owe

  2. Michelle if you have a blog please share the link so that I can see it.