Friday, November 15, 2013

Yo yo

So I have been like a yo yo lately


While lounging on the couch I discovered one fun thing: Bit Strips.

When I am healthy, I start exercising again, Michael thinks he is a bloody drill sergeant and he wants to make up for the lost time.

Being sick too often gets so so boring:

But at least I keep Michael on his toes:

Then I thought something serious was wrong:

I went to see a specialist and it turned out it was simply a bad infection that was causing all the symptoms.

 Back on the saddle literally, no not horse riding - cycling.   The cool thing about cycling is there are downhills. I try to convince Michael that we should go on level routes with no uphills but he says stuff like:

"You should challenge yourself that is the point of exercise."   Pffft

When we are going up the uphill and he is cycling circles around me bullying cheering me on, I imagine he is wearing a cheerleader's outfit and shaking pom poms.  My mind is a leeettttllleee weird but at least I don't start hating him.

I went to pick Raewyn and Dylan up from the bus this morning at 5 am.  To my surprise the streets were already rolled out.   The bus broke down and broke down and then they had change a tyre.  So I spent hours at Park Station without any technology. While I sat at the wimpy waiting and waiting a woman at the next table taunted me happily playing on her tablet.  I turned GREEN.  Maybe one day there will be an app that makes your tablet fly to you when you whistle.  Oh but I can't whistle maybe clap whatEVA.


Vivian knows how to write "ever" but she says it "eva".

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  1. Thanks Steph, if you have a smart phone or tablet there is an app called Bit strips. Yeah I have been tempted to trip Michael. I am picturing a yoga cheerleader ha ha.