Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making a run for it

I am going to the dentist tomorrow to get a very broken tooth cut out.

I am really, really, really nervous but my dentist is awesome and in 15 years she has never hurt me.

A friend asked me if the injections worry me?  I explained that my dentist puts a numbing jelly where she is about to inject first.

My eldest daughter has a real problem with injections to the point that even though she is in her 20's she still refuses point blank to have any except when it is our dentist.

Carmen was 3 and Raewyn was 2 when I went to the local clinic for them to get their inoculations.

We knew Carmen was the problem, so we opted to have her inoculation done first.

My Mom, myself and two clinic sisters all had to hold Carmen down.

When we were done we turned around to get Raewyn.


We started looking for her frantically.  Fortunately there were large gardens surrounding the clinic.  We found her outside, making a run for it, heading for the main road.

When I was a child I was petrified of X-rays.  When ever I went for one, I was told not to move a muscle.  I was convinced that if I moved I would die.

Is it what the dentist does or is it the sound?
Have you ever avoided a procedure or run from having something done?


  1. When I was little my parents had to hold me down to get my inoculations, just like your Carmen. I still turn away from needles. I can't watch them piercing my skin. As for the dentist.. that's even worse. I hate it! I had a sadist as a kid who didn't think it was appropriate to numb a child's mouth before a procedure. Hence, to this day I'm terrified. But I go, because it's only going to be worse if you don't. I'll have to check your FB page. I hope all went well with your tooth. I see you posted this 5 days ago..

  2. Oh my Steph, the dentist that we used when I was little used to give us laughing gas it was wonderful. I am much better today and back at work. It was the most painful dental procedure I ever had but all is good now. The painkillers and antibiotics made me very drowsy.