Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bucket List

One of my dearest friends has had both her bucket list wishes fulfilled in a way in the past month.  She wanted to meet her biological mother, sadly this is not possible as she passed away but she got too meet different members of her biological family in the past week.  She too gave her daughter up for adoption and wished to meet her and she is about to meet her on Thursday!
So I started wondering what was on mine.  
1.       We were supposed to be buying the house we are in but we have been hit with one disaster after another so the top of my list is having my own home. 
2.       Jess my youngest has been sick on and off, but we still don’t know what is wrong, I want her all better.
 Unfortunately my list is not very exciting. 
3.       I want a miracle drug that allows me to eat as much as I like but have the figure of a model.  
4.       I want enough money to be comfortable
5.       I want to travel to all different and interesting locations across the world. ( I would like to take a trip with each of my daughters to a location of their choice.)
6.       I want to go to a Sevens tournament and /or a rugby world cup with Michael, because he is the best husband anybody could have so for him to have this treat would be a super treat for me as well.


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