Saturday, July 23, 2011


I suffer from Emailhogiology which means I struggle to delete any emails.  I have had the same email address since forever which people that know me well will tell you is very odd because I move a lot and my record for a residential address is 3 years.  I have this daft notion that I am going read the hundreds of training tips for many different things that I receive, so I never delete them.  My friends send my emails that say things like:
“You are my friend because..... (these emails usually have lots of flowers and silly flowery language)” or
“If you do not send this email to 100 people in 5 minutes, the consequences will be indescribable and your friends will feel that if you were water a person that has been stuck in a desert would not even drink you”

So I confess I don’t open their emails but I don’t delete them either because they might contain a good joke or some really useful information.  I only have one friend that sends me emails to tell me how she is, I wonder if she would be honoured to know that I read all the emails that I receive from her. 

Out of the hundreds of emails that I am saving “just for in case”, there are probably four with vital information.  (I even still have flight confirmations for a flight I took a year ago.)  The funny thing is that whenever I try to find one of the few vital emails, I cannot so I end up asking the person to send it again.  Up until about 2 years ago I was forced to delete as my email would get over full but they upgraded and now I am not even near half of the capacity with all those gigs they give me.

This email hogging does not end with my personal email address, my messages box on Facebook has a couple of hundred in it.  My evil sister grabbed my laptop the one day about a year ago and started deleted my messages so that is why there aren’t thousands.  . I have a second email address that I use for work and sadly I am worse with this one as I think because it is work related the emails can definitely not be deleted.