Saturday, July 23, 2011

Coping on the bad days

Michael has gone to work and Jess has come to snuggle next to me in bed.  My Jess is an awesome 14 now.  Her hormones go crazy from time to time and she goes into horrible teenage mode but fortunately the alien teenage monster that takes over her body does not stay long and the girl that is snuggling me now comes back.
Our family is traumatised we have had a nasty experience; I am not going to talk about it because I am still processing it.  I am blessed with a wonderful family and I am grateful that we are there for each other. 
Jess and I are tweeting each other silly messages even though we are next to each other and it is a comfort to do the silly stuff.  We are ripping off the people that tweet their whole lives away.  
True Story, Jess knows a girl at her school who Tweets like this:
“Oh my my battery is dieing what am I going to do”
“Oh my anybody have a charger”
“Oh I tripped trying to run to find a charger”
“What am I going to do it is the wrong charger”
“I just got up and brushed my teeth”
“I am brushing my hair now”
“I just blew my nose”
Any way have to go and bath now, then I am going to brush my teeth, then I am going to go to the shops to buy groceries, my grocery list is....................................

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