Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chronicles of Hercules

The Chronicles Of Hercules
Part 1. Getting Hercules
My husband is a big man over 6 foot and a rugby player but he decided that he wanted a Chihuahua, I was rather puzzled by this as I thought Chihuahua were for Paris Hilton and the idea of my big husband wearing heels and carry a man bag with a puppy inside of it amused me a great deal. 
We had had a bad time as we had been burgled and all types of other things had happened so we started looking for a Chihuahua to cheer him up.  He said that he wanted a smooth hair one and preferably with black and white colouring as the rugby team that he supports is the Sharks and their colours are black and white.  He also had visions of dressing his Chihuahua up in doggie Sharks jerseys.
Raewyn my middle daughter scoured the internet for an affordable Chihuahua.  We had many replies from people like this:
I gotta Chiwawa puppy I jus wanna get it to have a nice house to be in.  No charge Gimme your address , I will bring it.    
Your sincerely
Edgar Hoover
Any way after receiving many similar replies from the same guys that send me emails daily telling me that I have won the lottery, (I know this because their names are usually Edgar Hoover or Samuel Jackson) Raewyn finally got an email from a lady called Pearl.  Pearl is a Chihuahua breeder and she had 3 male runts from litters that she was willing to sell very cheaply.
We crossed the Boerewors curtain* into Pretoria and went to choose our puppy.  Actually Hercules chose Michael he came hopping straight up to him (Hercules hops like a rabbit).  Once we had paid got the paper work and advise on what to feed him we had to pry Hercules away from Pearl.  (She was very attached to him.)
Pearl (clinging to Hercules):  "Chihuahua’s are very delicate, I had a lady here last week wanting to buy a puppy, she was holding one when she answered her phone and she lost hold of the puppy and he dropped."(Pearl is practically sobbing at this point and I am wondering if our new puppy is breathing cause she seems to be holding him very tight.) 
Michael: "Can I hold him?"
Pearl (clinging tighter to Hercules): " You see how tiny he is he cannot be dropped he is very delicate.  Where is he going to sleep."
Me:  "We have a basket ready in our bedroom for him."
Pearl:  "He will end up sleeping with you in the bed."
Me:  "Never I don’t believe in dogs sleeping in my bed."
Pearl:  "Ha, ha you will see,  you will end up spoiling him and be careful he is very delicate."
Michael:  "Yes I promise, can I take him now."
At this point Pearl finally handed him over very reluctantly. 
Once in the car we were astonished by how much he was shaking but that is a Chihuahua thing they shake when they are cold and when they are excited.  When we got home we were surprised by how small he really was we had two other puppies; Dane’s 7 week old Labrador, Sam and Raewyn’s 7 week old Border Collie, Harvey.  They looked tiny when we left when but when we returned we put Hercules next to them they looked huge.  Dane of course went and put Hercules in a tea cup.  (I quickly rescued him as he was not impressed.) 
*Boerwors Curtain:  boerwors is a South African sausage that is made by Afrikaans South Africans, as Pretoria is a very Afrikaans city we say that we are crossing the boerewors curtain.


  1. And of course he ended up sleeping in your bed. haha