Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Chronicles Of Hercules
Part 2. We’ve Become Those People
A few weeks before I left home my Mom bought a little dog a miniature pinscher.  When my Dad came home from work, he was very upset and said that the dog would have to go and that he did not want him. We don’t even know how it happened but a few minutes later the little dog was sitting on my Dad’s lap.  My Mom phoned my brother and he said that he would take the little dog.  When my Mom asked my Dad if she should take him my Dad said, “Not a chance he is staying.”
From that day on my Dad and Pikkie were inseparable.  He slept in their bed, went in the car wherever my Dad went.  My Dad even found holiday venues that allowed dogs.  He would not even go to the shops without his Pikkie.  Next they bought Moemphie and both my parents adored their two little dogs to the extent that I thought was really silly and I said to myself “I will never become one of those silly doggy people.”
Hercules crept into our hearts very quickly.  He would sleep in his basket and in the morning he would come and scratch at the side of the bed for me to pick him up.  He would then jump around the bed between us and lick both of our faces to say good morning.  Before very long he slept on the bed and Michael teases me about having said he would never sleep on the bed.

Hercules  is a very dangerous combination of extremely daring and having no co-ordination what so ever.  He was born with a defect his shoulder and neck are skew. Fortunately he has never injured himself as he has fallen off the bed a dozen times and our bed is very high.   When he was only about 2 months old he started going upstairs.  Our stair case has high openings on the side and he fell down there he would not survive.  After seeing him tumble down the stairs I had to watch that he did not go up or down the stairs until he was big enough to be safe on them.  Much to our amusement as soon as he could jump onto the couches he would jump from couch to couch and often misjudge and land on the floor. 
At the beginning of this year I started freelancing from home.  In the morning I would take my laptop and whatever I needed to my office to begin working.   Hercules would carry his toys from our bedroom to the office and start playing.  There is a bed in my office and he lies and sunbathes on it or on the window sill while I work.  While I was hard at work I heard funny noises coming from under the bed.  When I went to investigate Hercules was banging his dolly under the bed.  I am very embarrassed to say that my dog has sex toys. 
My Mom turned 70 this year and we went to my Aunt’s farm for the weekend to celebrate her birthday.  Hercules of course came along.    My sister bought her dogs with as well.  Her poor corgi Patch suffered terribly.  Hercules came out of the closet and for the entire weekend wherever Patch was Hercules was right behind him. 


  1. Climbing into your dad's lap! Now that is one smart dog! I had a dog who was also two parts daring, one part disabled. I can relate!

  2. I loved my funny little Herci, he died the December after I wrote this post.