Monday, July 18, 2011

The Rugby

Michael brought heaps of free tickets home for a rugby match at Ellis Park, Lions versus Pumas.  Carmen and Jason were rather excited as they have not been to a large stadium match before.  Jess sighed a lot she does not like rugby but as everybody was going the poor tortured soul had to go with.  I have noticed that my rugby mad husband completely ignores her during matches.  When the players scrum Jess comments on their hugging session and how gay it looks.  When the one guy lifts the other for the line out she wants to know why they touch each other’s bums.

Ellis Park is in the heart of Joburg town, it is so dodgy maybe I should say in the rectum.  Nobody wants to go to the stadium because of this, plus the lions have been very consistent.  They lose all the time.  We support neither the Lions nor the Pumas, but being cheap we will go to any free entertainment.
Parking is never fun some guys were standing in the street waving to different parkings.  Any way somehow the guy manages to get me to park with about 400 other cars in a space meant for maybe four cars.  Then you have to pay the guy a steep fee for parking.  Carmen is not too happy about it but we assure her that it is the safer option and besides at least it is a way for these guys to make some money.
On our way to the stadium I spot the dancing girls.  Jason gets very excited and upset that we are not sitting down yet and starts chasing us along to get to the seats quickly.  We sit down and Jason and Michael go to buy us drinks.  Twenty minutes later they return telling us the bar is right on the other side of the stadium.  When we go for drinks again in half time we go in the other direction and it turns out we are right by a bar.
The dancing girls come and dance close to where we are and Jason gets rather excited and Carmen is not being too complimentary.  To our great amusement the Poppie’s don’t seem to have practised and they cannot seem to dance in sync at all.  A particularly dumb looking blond keeps standing and dancing while everybody else is down on their haunches, she looks around and realises after about 5 minutes and seems to say “Oh” and then drops to her haunches.
Carmen and I spot one of the players who has a Father Christmas beard.  After making some comments about missing link and other derogatory statements that I will rather not repeat, Michael tells us he is not shaving his beard until his girlfriend who is in Cape Town comes up to Johannesburg.  Later on after a few drinks, I shout “Shave it off she is not coming back", when they are doing some rugby stuff near to us. Carmen and Jason are very amused by this and think it is one of the first funny statements I have ever made.  My family tease me about my bad jokes all the time so I got the funny badge but not for long.
We start talking about how you soon get old and cannot manage much partying anymore and that you should party a lot while you are young.  Jason complains that Carmen is old already and does not know how to party.  This was Jessica’s Face book status and I cannot say it better than she did so I have copied her’s.
hehehe jason "I would walk her home and tuck her in then go party" carmen "tuck me in my ass! you stood at the gate and said RUN ill watch from here" whahahahartainment. 
One of the highlights of the rugby is when somebody gets injured or something and he takes his shirt off, Jess, Carmen and I are suddenly all eyes.  Carmen and I decide to support the Lions as we have lived in Joburg for very long.  Michael, Jason and Jess decide to support the Pumas initially.  Jason was doing it cause nobody was supporting them and Michael and Jess were supporting them due to the fact that they were winning in the first half.
In the second half I think mainly due to Carmen and I cheering them on so enthusiastically the Lions started winning.  Jason remained loyal to the Puma’s but Michael and Jess were turncoats. 
When we get back to the car, the considerate car guard had unlocked all our doors for us, even though he did not have the car key.  I give him 100 percent for effort.  Anyway there was nothing to steal, for a few minutes we thought he had stolen our “Spray and Cook” which we had bought on the way cause we wanted to make waffles when we got home.  Fortunately it was on the floor of the car as the car guard had put it there while looking for coins.  Michael said that being parked in was a blessing cause they could not steal the car but I was doubtful if anybody would want our rattle on wheels.

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