Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Do I Beat Carmen?

My blog is becoming an obsession.  Carmen and I compete to see who gets more hits on our blogs just because she went half way around the world on sail boat; her blog gets more attention, I just don’t get it.   Michael suggested that if I want to beat Carmen I should call my blog “free porn”.  So I am considering it now, maybe I can call it “Vivi-section Porn” or will that sound too kinky? 
I had the most interesting of days today (especially for me I don’t get out much).  I went to a launch in the am and a hotel promotion in the pm for the online travel mag that I write for.  The first hotel that I went to was so fancy that when I went to the loo, there was this was this bin that is set off by its sensors.  The space is small and there was nowhere else for my elbow to go so while I was trying to twinkle,  it kept opening and closing.   My funny loo experiences did not end there because when I went to the next function, also in a very smart hotel, in the loo there was a woman talking on her cell phone very loudly from the adjacent cubicle.  I was even more astonished when I realised it was a business call.  I had such fun flushing wondering what the person on the other end of her call must have been thinking.
I have a serious problem when I am nervous, I babble.  Nothing makes me more nervous than walking into a room full of strange people.  Oh boy did I babble.  I nearly made a friend, a woman about my age, who also works from home with kids around the same age as mine.  I simply could not stop myself, the little voice in my head was saying “Shut up, Shut up, SHUT UP FOR &&^%$$$$$ SAKE” Unfortunately I was too busy babbling to listen to it, so I think new friend is out of the picture. 

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