Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Blues

Today I came home and climbed into bed and I was planning to stay in there forever.  Later I did get up and Michael said, “Everyday people greet you and ask you how you are without really wanting to know how you are. 
Ha, ha imagine when the next person asks me how I am and I answer honestly. 
I am alright except that:
o   We have lost our house.
o   I have received half my salary and don’t know when to expect the rest.
o   My daughter is sick all the time and the doctors still don’t know what is wrong with her. 
o   My laptop hard drive blew last week.”
I am not trying to garner sympathy, shit happens and we move on.  There is a lot good in my life and I know Michael and I will get through this. 
I heard that the two planes that went missing on Sunday were recovered and all 14 people onboard were killed.  I cannot begin to comprehend what their families are going through and what I am feeling and going through right now is not near as bad.  
Today is also the anniversary of my Dad’s death, time does heal I still miss him a lot but I don’t feel as sad any more. 

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