Friday, August 19, 2011

Fighting Fit

I have in the past two days listened to a couple of fights which I was not involved in.  If you know me it is very rare that I am not the one causing a fight.  Michael and I hardly ever fight but that is because he is practically a saint.
Even though Jess is a sweetie pie with a mild temper, you will be surprised that she loves fights (as long as it is strangers) When we go to watch rugby she is elated when the opponents start a large fight on the field it is the only time she watches and she cheers them on like a sport’s fan.    I listened to a comedian a while back who said that he loves hearing couples that he does not know fight in public.  He even edges them on.  If they start calming down he chips in and stirs to try and get them going again. 
I don’t like fights when I am involved (even though I cause most of them) or when it is close family and friends but I must admit when strangers fight it can be very entertaining.  Too much fighting is not good at all but sometimes to have a blow out actually clears the air.  At times people tip toe around issues and are overly polite about something that is annoying them.  Letting rip and shouting it out may not be mature or polite but at times it works. 
I always feel horribly embarrassed when I have lost my temper but at times my evil half is relieved because I said things that needed to be said and I would never have managed to say before.  I am a coward and I avoid confrontation and it ends up with me losing my temper.  

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