Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Rugby 2

Michael had tickets for a rugby match again on Saturday.  Michael, Jess, Landi and I went.  The Lions were playing against the Cheetahs. Jess and Landi are clueless about what rugby is about but they decided to support the Lions and painted their faces with red stripes.  I am not a huge rugby fan but because my husband enjoys it so much I have fun going to the matches with him.
The team mascot Mustafa a guy dressed up in a Lions suite was walking around the field and when he got to us Jess and Landi went to get photos.  Landi posed beautifully for a lot of pics and afterwards Jess realised she was out of memory on her phone and had not taken any pics of Landi posing. 
For many years now the Lions have been consistently losing so Johannesburgers have not been supporting them.  Most support the Blue Bulls which is a team from the nearby city Pretoria.  Michael and I support the Sharks as they are from the city he grew up in Durban.   I support them because of my husband and because it is the team with the most good looking men in.  Suprisingly with this tournament the Lions are on a winning spree so there are a lot more supporters coming to watch than normal.
Sitting in front of us were the under 21 boys from Michaels rugby club and they were full of fun and mischief.  Between the under 21 boys, Mustafa and the dancing girls (AKA the cheerleaders) I kept forgetting about the match.   I missed the highlight of the evening because when I went to the loo a guy proposed to his girlfriend on the field and she accepted.  Jess and Landi felt very strongly that the guy should have given his girlfriend some warning because, “Oh my, Mom you should have seen her hair it was a mess.”
The rugby stadium is called Ellis Park and it is right in the centre of Johannesburg city which most people would usually avoid unless they are sex workers, drug dealers, druggies or gangsters.   After the match that ended around 9 we got to the car and I put the GPS on.  Our GPS is a crazy bitch and I don’t know how anybody can understand her.  Anyway Michael and I both misunderstood and the next thing we know we are in the Ghetto.  We are surrounded by scary looking gangster types, the buildings have no windows and everything seems to have bullet holes.  To make circumstances even better we get every single bloody traffic light red.  While we are stationary at one of these lights a car pulls up next to us filled with guys wearing hoodies and it has tinted windows.  This is when I bring up drive by shootings and we all decide it is time to make our final goodbyes.  Fortunately bitch GPS decides to behave herself and we cross over the Mandela bridge to safety.  Michael thanks our ex president profusely for getting us out of the hood alive.  

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