Sunday, August 14, 2011

What has happened to KFC?

We don’t have take aways often but on the occasion that we do we usually favour Kentucky.  KFC was always Michael’s favourite and I liked it quite a lot as well.  I had no illusions that I was having a healthy meal but seeing that it was only about once in three or four months I did not feel guilty. 
The last 3 times that we have bought Kentucky it has been terrible.  There is a layer of fat between the skin and the meat.  All I can think is that Kentucky is buying really cheap chicken, reusing oil and using less spices.  Perhaps it is due to the world wide recession.   We tend to only buy free range chicken, not because we are noble but because the 28 day chickens grown under the lights are terribly fatty. 
Kentucky South Africa has recently decided to do away with the motto “finger licking good”.  I was listening to a radio show called “Ad Feature” and people were calling in saying that it is fitting that their motto is being changed, because KFC is no longer “finger licking good”.  Michael and I have decided we are not buying KFC anymore.  If you knew how much my hubby loved KFC, you would understand how bad it has become.
Is this only in South Africa or has KFC gone down hill everywhere?


  1. its the  sqame in australia i used to eat it 3 times a week loved it but now its not the same . tastes terrible and bearly looks the same. i cant eat it any more its horrible.

  2. Since writing this things have changed again.  We moved and the KFC around the corner from us really is making much nicer KFC, so hubby is buying again.   Perhaps in SA they have improved again or it is simply the branch that hubby purchases from that have good standards.