Friday, August 12, 2011

Tooooo Muuch

Is anybody else suffering from the tooooooo much syndrome?   I feel as if I am bombarded with information via emails, social media, the radio and the television.  I don’t know what to read, what to watch and what to do first many times I feel sort of overwhelmed. 
I have the opposite of boredom I am battling to decide what to start with and what to complete first.  I have a full time morning’s only job which I started a month ago as I was not making enough with freelancing.  I have cut down on my freelancing work but I still have some commitments.  I am busy developing a business website that I hope to launch in about 2 weeks time which will take a lot of my time. 
I have to read up and learn things but then I look and so much information is being offered I don’t know where to start and what to read first.  The worst is when I get overwhelmed I play games or write my blog and I get more behind

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