Thursday, November 24, 2011

##$%@@#$%ING RAIN

I had a couple of things to do today after work.  My last stop was a local shopping centre.  At this point the rain came pissing down.   This particular shopping centre has a huge parking area, as I was driving along it to get out I went through a puddle then the car stalled.  I looked at the petrol gauge and saw there was nothing there and realised that I had forgotten to put petrol in. 
I called Michael:
Me:  “Uhhm I don’t know if I am out of petrol or if it is because I drove through a puddle but the car won’t go.” (my car does not like water)
Michael:  “I just have to do something then I will call you back, then I will come help you.”
The car started again so I decided it was the puddle.
I called Michael again.
Me: “Never mind it started again I am heading to the Petrol Station.... OH NO wait it has cut out again.”
Any way my sister called and I was chatting away to her when a car pulled up behind me.  I realised it was Michael and I was wondering what he was doing there when I remembered that I was stuck.
Michael went and got petrol and I was on my merry way thinking that my getting stuck was rather painless.
The car cut out again – right before a stop street on a steep hill, on a narrow road.   So there I was, I could not coast backwards because there were cars behind me and I could not go forward.  My nerves nearly gave in as people came up the hill and dangerously overtook me and nearly collided with cars coming around the corner.  Eventually I had a gap and I could coast backwards to the side of the road. 
I managed to get the car going again and as I rounded the next corner at a traffic light it cut out again.  I was again stuck in the middle of the road and the cars behind me had nowhere to go.   This is when the two rocket scientist men in the cars behind me started to sit on their hooters.  I don’t know but I think when a car has cut out, no hooter in the world is going to make it get anywhere (why aren’t all men in the world Michael, he has manners if he sees a woman is stuck, he gets off his ass and goes and sees if he can help them).
I got out of my car.
Went over to their cars and shouted.
Anyway it was very embarrassing because I got back in my car, the bloody tin can decided to drive.  So perhaps hooters do start a car.
At the bottom of the slip road that we live in, my car cut out again.  Fortunately it was a reasonably safe place to be stuck, so all I could do was wait it out.   After about 15 minutes the car started again and I made it all the way to our houses gate. 
I thought I was home free.
The electric gate would not open.
At this point Michael arrived home.  He tried opening the gate inside our gate only to realise that a bar had been welded across the gate and you cannot open that gate anymore.
He put his hand on the electric fence and realised that it was off and the power must have tripped.
I tried to call the neighbours from their gate to ask them for a ladder.  We were deliberating what to do, getting sopping wet in the rain,  when one of the neighbour’s sons arrived home and he brought us a ladder.  Michael got into our yard and managed to get the gate open. 
Then we got into the house and I thought finally I can relax. 
The power kept tripping and it took a dozen trial and errors before we found what the cause was.
My conclusion is I know it is necessary but I really don’t like rain very much.

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