Thursday, November 24, 2011

Never use Greyhound or their other bus Citiliner

I will never use Greyhound or Citiliner again.
My daughter was supposed to board her Greyhound bus at 23:55.   Unfortunately they were slightly delayed and arrived at the bus station at 23:50 and saw her bus going.
She sent me please call me’s and the first one came through at 23:52.  I called Greyhound at 23:57 to ask if the bus had left her.  The call centre guy said he would check and call back.
He then let us know the bus had gone on time that their tracking showed it left at 23:55 which is a blatant lie.  
He also carried on about how you should check in a half an hour early, I checked the ticket the information is not in it but in small print on the leaflet attached.  Their competition whom I will use from now on only actually inform you via sms if the bus is going to leave early.  They actually wait for their passengers. 
Every time my daughter uses Greyhound something goes wrong. 
Her bus failed to stop at Midrand and dropped her off on the side of the highway once.  Besides for being very dangerous this is highly illegal and what could have happened to my daughter if she had not phoned us to tell us what had happened.
Another time her bus dropped her off at Midrand and drove off with her luggage.  On a Saturday night a friend had to drive into town to Park station to fetch her luggage.  (Greyhound refused to make any effort to get her luggage to her even though it was there mistake)
I must admit I forgot that Citiliner was part of Greyhound or I would not have bought the ticket.
When my daughters were much younger they all went on the Greyhound to  Nelspruit.  My eldest two daughters were appalled when they showed a very adult movie with young children aboard.  I after that never sent my youngest on the Greyhound again.  My elder two have occasionally had tickets bought for them by their father so had to use the bus. 
My daughter, Raewyn had to be back for her youngest sister Jessica’s  birthday, as my eldest daughter is in Cape Town I have no idea how I am going to explain to my youngest that her sister will not be home for her birthday because Greyhound simply do not care enough.  In addition Raewyn had a job interview which she is going to miss now thank you to Greyhound.  She can now only afford to come home next week.
Jess has had a very hard year as she has not been well and I know that more than anything she wants to have at least one sister her for her Birthday.  GREYHOUND YOU SIMPLY DONT CARE.  All your consultant could talk about was that my daughter should be there half an hour early, you could not make the least bit of effort for her.  I am going to make effort to tell everybody and anybody about what you have done.

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