Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Family Chronicles

Our family are terrible we only remember all the wrong things and then never ever let them be forgotten.
I have many “Special” Moments but seeing as I am writing this I am going to tell you about my daughters’  “Special” moments.
Jess this afternoon had a very, very good one.
I picked her up from her friend’s house and as she said she was hungry, I stopped at the garage shop around the corner.  We were on the way to the mall to swop the shoes she got for her birthday so I told her to save R5 of the R20 that I gave her, as I needed it for parking. 
Jess then looked around and said:
“What you pay for parking at this garage?”
Raewyn decides to open a bank account with Capitec bank.   On her way to the bank somebody calls her, chatting away to the person, she walks into the bank, asks her friend to hold and asks the person for a form to open a bank account.  Only once she receives her bank card does she realise she opened an account with Bidvest and not Capitec.
Carmen is going to kill me because she hates it when I tell this story but even though it was years ago it is still sooooo funny. 
One night we are watching a documentary on what Dinosaurs possibly would have looked like had they lived.  We call Carmen and tell her the news is on and that they have just discovered an island that has living dinosaurs and they are showing the footage.  Carmen completely believed us and got so excited she wanted to call everybody that we know to tell them the exiting news. 

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