Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Names on the Discovery Channel

Michael loves Discovery Channel shows and I do enjoy some of  the shows.   I was thinking about them and some of their names being very appropriate.
1.       “I should not be alive”
Very apt but I think I would add “I am so dumbass I should not be alive”
Some people simply have bad luck, but the majority decide to do such stupid things that the fact that they manage to still be alive is a miracle.

2.       “Ultimate Survival” 
I think they should actually call it “Bear Grills” but with a slight adjustment “Bare Grills”.  Bear bares all in every episode, so I am just putting it out there.

3.       “American Chopper”
Are they even making choppers anymore?  All they seem to do is squabble.  I think it should be “Chopped Family”

4.       “Cash Cab”
Is not a cash cab you get quizzed by the driver, heaven’s sake call it “Game Cab”.

5.       “Sons of Guns”
 Really should be called “Hill Billies with guns.”

6.       “How its Made” now this is my least favourite Discovery channel show and I think it should be called “Watching paint dry”

When it comes to “Mythbusters” I have no suggestions, it’s a good title and also it is Michael’s favourite show so if I mess with the title he might put me on his hit list.

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