Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Google tried or are still trying to make their own version of Face book.  It really does not seem to be working for them.
Google did however seem to get it when they came up with Gmail.   Poor Yahoo, first their search engine, then the thing that they are the most popular for, their email is zapped.  Yahoo if I had any money I would send you flowers, my condolences.  Hotmail still seems to have a market, spammers still send mails from hotmail.
Now Face book has decided to offer email.
"Why?" do you ask.
Picture this I apply for a job and I email my CV.
My email address is:
Now if I were employing people I would delete any  CV’s coming from Face book mail.  Quite rightly I am going to think that person spends too much time on Face book.
I spend too much time on Face book but it is my own time, not work time.  Still, I am not going to advertise the fact.
Any way have you noticed how the big sites are like Pinky?  They all want to take over the world.  Is Face book going to introduce its own search engine next?
I can understand their fear we all know of big sites and functions that seemed to disappear overnight like MySpace.  (You would also be on my flowers list MySpace.)
How many chat sites have been big and then disappeared.  Good luck Skype you are big now enjoy it while it lasts. 
Twitter I love your tweets and I don’t know is it going to last or is going to fizzle one day.
I know all these big companies are scurrying around trying to find out how to keep their market interested. 
The problem with this is:
We have become a “right now” society.
If I have an argument with hubby about whom the actor is on TV.
We don’t keep arguing for weeks without finding out.
“Right now” I Google it.
If my daughter needs info for her project:
We don’t have to drive to the library search for the right book and then search through the book then ask for photocopies.
All we have to do is switch on one the many computers in the house and Google it, print the info. WHAM.
Anyway back to the “Right Now” thing.  It is making us fickle.  We get distracted much easier and it takes a lot more to keep us entertained.
When I was growing up we only had one TV channel.  Computers were huge things that were kept in warehouses (shit I am giving away how ancient I am here.)
Videos came out when I was about 10 and we would maybe take out at most 2 movies a weekend and it was so super exciting to be able to watch a choice of movies at home.
We had Atari games but for the very cool games we had to go to Arcades and feed our coins into the machines.
Most of the things we did for entertainment we had to go to places or wait for them.  The result is we stuck to the same things for longer because it was easy to entertain us.
Personally now I never know boredom there is always something to do, I actually have come to a point where I schedule my entertainment as it gets overwhelming.
So Google, Face book, Skype, Twitter you are the big boys or girls now, enjoy it because I have no advice how to keep this fickle world interested.

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  1. Excellent Post Vivi. Yes, we have become fickle and our attention span has diminished. So true. I would also not take an email coming from very seriously for the same reasons you gave. I don't even take gmail, hotmail, webmail etc seriously. I truly hope Facebook stays forever, because I've met wonderful people there. Nudge, nudge ... wink, wink.