Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good bye Herc

Our little Hercules died a week ago.
We buried him with his dolly and fighting back the tears Michael said:
“Poor dolly, no rest for eternity”
If you have not read my previous blogs, you may not understand why.  Hercules was a little pervert and loved to “have it on” with his dollies.
Hercules was the runt of the litter born with a skew body.  It never worried him he was a happy chappy.  Friends and family loved watching him move because he never ran but hopped and due to his skewness he could never move in a straight line.
For a few months I worked from home.  In the mornings he would carry all his toys from our bedroom to the office.  He would either play with his toys or chew up tissues while I worked.  In the evenings he would carry his toys back to the bedroom. 
When our cat had kittens, Michael gave them one of Hercules’ toys to play with.  His little heart nearly stopped, he ran grabbed his toy away from a kitten and went and hid it under the bed in the office.  He did not share well.  Jess loved to tease by pretending to take his toys.  He would grab the toy away from her and go and hide it under the bed.
Hercules was also a tattle tale.  Whenever he heard us shouting at another dog or one of the cats he would come and bark.  If another of our pets was doing something that in his opinion was wrong he would bark his head off until we came to see what they were doing.
If he started to “have it on” with one of his dollies on a couch I would tell him to get privacy.  He would pick up his dolly and go to his basket to carry on with his “business” privately.
There were so many things that he did that were cute and hysterically funny.  What I will miss the most is the way he had of lieing next to Michael or me when we were down and trying to cheer us up by licking our faces. 
Good bye my funny little doggy.

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