Friday, January 27, 2012


I was wondering if I was writing this blog two years ago and called it “2010” If I would have been in trouble?
Let me explain.
Two years ago my country, South Africa hosted the soccer world cup and “2010” became a trademark.
They went crazy with the trademark thingy and I think even calendar printers picked up problems.
It made for lengthy printing.
Because in order to legally print the year we were in, people had to do things like:
·         In this year, 10 years after 2000.
·         This 2000 and decade year.
Anyway, to get back to 2012.  I am totally and completely bummed about 2012.
I had visions of the 21st December 2012 coming and “Poof” gone is the world.
I even had a plan.
1.       I was going to go through our house and see if we sold everything how much we could get.2.       I was going to calculate the amount of months that we could comfortably live once we had sold everything (ok it would probably only be a month or two so THE PLAN would have had to wait till about October/November.)3.       I was obviously going to stop paying accounts (we were all going to die anyway).4.       When all is sold and we are ready we will pack up what we have and take off to the coast and we will spend our last days swimming in the ocean, walking on beaches, drinking in pubs and dancing enjoying life to the maximum before the world ends.

So my plan was rather simple.
But now so many experts are saying that there is no guarantee that the world is going to end, and that is why I am bummed.  The world could end tomorrow or it could end in a million years. 
I don’t agree with the statement live your life as if the world is going to end tomorrow.
I don’t hate my life but if I only had a few hours I would do things that I cannot possibly do every day.

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